University of Nis

The University of Nis, founded in 1965, comprises 13 faculties: Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Economics, Electronic Engineering, Arts, Law, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Occupational Safety, Philosophy, Physical Culture, Science and Mathematics, Technology and Teacher-Training Faculty. Eleven faculties are located in Nis, the Faculty of Technology is in Leskovac, while the Teacher-Training Faculty is in Vranje. The University of Nis, presently has 25.313 undergraduate and nearly 700 postgraduate students, 1.515 teaching staff and more than 600 administrative and support staff. So far, about 44.847 students have graduated from our faculties, 2.144 postgraduates acquired their master's degree and 1.170 candidates defended their doctoral dissertations. One of the leading principles of the University of Nis, as set in its Strategic Plan, is to become a part of the European higher education area and to adjust its plans and programs against this aim.


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