Singidunum University

Singidunum University was founded in 2005, in order to offer new and unique opportunities and to create new leaders and business elite of Serbia as well as in the neighbouring countries. Singidunum University is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Serbia and in the region. US consists of the following faculties: Integrated faculties of Singidunum University (Faculty of Business, Informatics and Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management), Faculty of Business in Valjevo, Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration, Media and Communications, Applied Ecology, Faculty of European Legal and Political Studies, Sremska Kamenica. Curricula and degree formats are modelled on the well known EU faculties and colleges and on the best practices of our national faculties. They are in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Declaration and ECTS. Singidunum University offers education of highly qualified professionals, specialists in the particular areas, who will help in social and economic development and modernization of Serbia.


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