Student Union of Serbia

Student Union of Serbia was formed in 1992 at Belgrade faculty of Law. At the very beginning it was granted full membership of ESU (European Students’ Union) and was one of founders of South-East Initiatives. Student Union of Serbia comprises student from Universities in Serbia that exist both within government and privately financed schools. Student Union of Serbia is actively and permanently participates in the reform of higher education in Serbia, on all levels and in all university centres. Through its actions Student Union of Serbia activists wish to influence student awareness and to encourage their fight not only for their rights, but also for higher quality of education and teaching process. Student Union  has organized numerous seminars and  several questionnaires on all aspects of student life.  Main directions of Student Union of Serbia activity are education, quality insurance, promotion of student and scientific mobility, creation of networks and social equality (life and education of students that belong to vulnerable groups) as well as those related to gender issues.

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