Student National Conference at Zlatibor 13-17.12.2012.

Official invitation for our Traditional National Conference with international participation "Reform of Higher education and student organizing" that will be held in Zlatibor, 13-17.12.2012 as integral part of SIGMUS TEMPUS project

this year topic "Strengthening capacities of student representatives-skills developing and training"

This year conference will be mostly in the line with WP2 and WP3. National team for creating Proposal on the Law on student organizing would have a chance to present their work so far and to provide all the participants a quality debate regarding the last phase of writing the Proposal. In addition, three-day training for all student representatives would be organized in small groups in order to enhance the capacities of student representatives in the line with Guidelines and Standards as stated in outcomes of SIGMUS project

Student Alliance of Belgrade cherish a good cooperation between Institution of student dormitories and hostels and it enables us to visit Zlatibor and its hotel "Ratko Mitrovic" with a reduced cost of accommodation (full board) so that we are able to include a lot of students and in the same time to save our project fund. It is expected from each institution to send maximum of 3 students plus contact person (for SUS and BOKU up to 4 students, and for University of Singidunum contact person, up to 3 students and 1 additional lecturer according to agenda).