Students in the Center of Reform of Higher Education

Joint Conference of SIGMUS and GOMES, January 15, 2013, University of Belgrade, Serbia

On January 15, 2013 at the Rectorate of University of Belgrade, Serbia, a joint conference of two Tempus projects, SIGMUS (511332) and GOMES (158926) will be held.

The results of both projects focusing the new approach to learning process and curriculum development would be presented and discussed on the Conference, based on overall ECTS/Bologna reform evaluation reports done within the projects using different approach and methodology. Examples of good practices in EHEA are expected by representatives of EU universities and individual experts participating in the projects, as well as the presentation of PhD research work on curriculum development using ICT.

The student representatives will take active role in summarizing the project results, and therefore will contribute to dissemination. Also, results of analysis of student workload will be presented and discussed during the conference. Additionally, presentation of new initiatives by the Ministry of Education and Science is expected, based on the strategy of HE development which is about to be adopted in-between.

The conference will be attended by partners of both projects that will further contribute to enhancing cooperation, exchange of experience and planning more activities among the complementary projects.

The joint Conference will be of a great significance and benefit for both projects as a common forum with broad spectra of participating institutions and other stakeholders that will contribute to project result sustainability and dissemination.